Dangerous Sex Ideas

Have you ever tried a dangerous sex? No, i mean, really dangerous!

And i’m not talking about sex in your parents’ bedroom!

Here belong such ideas as having sex driving a car,  riding a motorbike, while doing a bunjy jump or on the edge of a cliff.  It sound almost like impossible and it’s really difficult to imagine how people can even manage to do that in practice.  As we all know, thrills make the sex process brighter and a lot of people want to try something “new”. Here are some crazy ideas to have sex, please, don’t try to repeat them in your life.

Riding a Bike and Having Sex

In Goa, a man was riding his motorbike and having sex with a woman at the same time. That’s a mystery, how didn’t they got crashed. Passers-by were  shooting some pictures of this adventurous couple and when the police had got a picture of his motorbike number, they truck him down and questioned him.  They were fined 10 pounds by the Goa police for this incident.

Sex in the Sea

Having sex in the sea.  Yeah, it sounds a little romantic, but on practice it’s not worth that. Just imagine, you’re trying to concentrate and suddenly a jellyfish stings your leg or some much more tender parts of your body. You’re trying to get the position you like, but you  accidentally step on a flinty stone. Not really pleasant, huh? Moreover, you can come across a shark. Well, meeting a shark is a rare thing to happen, but anyway, after this article you will always think of it.

Sex Whilst Hanging on a Rope

A couple had sex hanging on a rope, hundred feet above the ground while they were hiking and climbing on cliffs.  No comments.

So, if you decided to brighten your sex-life with a thrill, try to think of some things to try which won’t cost you your life or your health. Good luck!

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