Massage Products to Get Sexy

Whether as a part of foreplay or as a sexy treat on its own, sensual massage is an essential part of any couples’ bedroom antics. Massage can relief pain, stress and tension, and it’s a perfect way to set the mood for further erotic fun and play. Oils and accessories have been staple products within the adult industry.

With a variety of options available on the market, this guide will introduce three slightly more unusual ways to get all loose and slippery. The brands below all promise extra erotic sensations, intimate bonding, heightened arousal and full-body pleasure, so read on and let your customers know how to give and get the best massage of their lives with the help of some bestselling massage oils, massage gels and other massage accessories.

But first some general tips that you can pass down to your customers if they are asking for advice on how to set the perfect scene for a night of romantic and sensual entanglement.

Getting the Basics Right

Offering a thorough massage is one of the greatest gifts that can be given after a long day at work, so ensuring full comfort and relaxation is a must.

Try offering this as a warm up and see how quickly time flies.

While it may seem trivial, getting the room temperature, music, bed, smell and lights right can make a huge difference. Although you probably already know this!

For those of you that are new to this or simply a reminder, there are some small things you can do to get the mood set. With minimal preparation the room can be warmed up, tranquil music playing, candles lit, and lights dimmed, and you already have yourself the perfect massage parlour for a relaxing time.

Paying attention to each other’s body language as well as effective verbal communication can help both partners get the most out of the session and it also can ensure that the most erogenous areas of the body are not left out.

The shoulders and the neck are always a great spot to start with, but the feet, arms and buttocks shouldn’t be neglected either. The firmness of the pressure should be adjusted to personal preference, but it’s important to remember to massage the muscles, along the bones, but not across them.

Using a firm but gentle touch with the palm of the hand with long rubbing strokes is the most reliable technique that will always get the satisfied moans going.

The benefits of regular massage are wide and varied – it can improve trust and intimacy between partners, boost overall physical and mental health, and enhance sex life. With the following products, however, your customers will be able to spice up their massage sessions with something truly special. Continue reading to learn about burning desire, Nuru massage and play-pool escapades.

Earthly Body Massage Oils

The family-owned Californian business was founded in 1994 and has been creating naturally nourishing and nurturing personal care products ever since.

All their products are 100% vegan, drug- and cruelty-free and they use organic hemp seed oil that has rejuvenating and moisturising qualities.

Earthly Body massage oils are edible and delicious so once the relaxing massage is over, your customers will be able to truly devour each other in the heat of the moment without having to worry about they lick or nibble off.

Even better, if you are interested in some mild wax play or want to try something truly tantalising, get an Earthly Body massage candle. Melting just above body temperature, the candle melts into a subtly scented, but yummy tasting oil that can be poured straight onto the body. Candles will take care of the lighting and the scent, while providing a heated oil that will immediately put a Client at ease.

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