No sex please, I’m tired!

Whether it’s your career, your kids or both that getting in the way of you feeling sexy, don’t despair – you really can have it all!

The key is time management. So you’re prepared for that important meeting, you know what day the kid’s need their PE kit and what you need to get for your friend coming over for dinner. So why is it, that sex seems to be last on your priority list? We all know that the more we have sex, the more we want it. So it stands to reason that if we don’t treat it as a priority and find we are too tired by the end of the day, we are sure to find ourselves in a never-ending spiral of being too tired and lacking desire.

As unsexy as it may sound you need to set time aside for you and your partner to have time together with no distractions. If you have kids, get a babysitter, if you find it difficult to get away from work, turn your phone off. You need time to remember why you fell in love with your partner in the first place and enjoy them as a person and not as a parent or housemate.

Set the scene. Clear away any toys, nappies, or washing that may be ordinary scenery. Replace with candles, and rose petals and spray the air or sheets with something nice. The scenery also includes you! So make an effort. Indulge in some sexy lingerie if you’re a lady and if you’re a guy then splash on the aftershave. Feeling confident with how you look will help you to feel sexy later as well as being a great tease.

If one or both of you is stressed, erotic massage is a great way to start things off. Not only is it ideal for relaxing you, but it also increases intimacy between you and your partner and awakens senses that may be suppressed. The Romantic Massage Kit has all you need as well as a booklet with massage tips included.

If you’re in a rut and want to spice things up, why not try some soft bondage? Blindfolds are a great way to build anticipation, when our sight is taken away, our other senses kick in to compensate. Try teasing with a feather tickler or using silk ties to tie them up so they’re at your mercy!

Sex toys are another great way to keep things interesting. And it’s not just the using. If you shop online, you can do it in the comfort of your own home and the choosing and the waiting for delivery can be just as fun. The key is to choose something together and be open about what you desire. Who knows? You may find something new about your partner that you didn’t know!

If one or both of you are really lacking desire I would advise a trip to the doctor to make sure that nothing is seriously wrong. However, there are herbal aphrodisiacs you can try as well as lotions, creams and sprays to get things going.

Although it can be overlooked, keeping your relationship strong and healthy will in turn keep everything else in check. When you feel loved and valued by a partner your desire to work together and look after each other is stronger.

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