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Self ballbusting fun requires some experimentation. There is a range of techniques and tricks to employ. Make your self ballbusting experience mind-blowing each time with these simple ideas.

You know that having the right tools for the job is essential. No use trying to make do with makeshift DIY contraptions. Get the right tools, build your kit bag and store it safely; ready to go when you need it most. Imagine a crazy psychopathic bitch beating your cock and balls. It’s time for plenty of cock and ball punishment. You might want to finish off with a cock-biting blowjob! Let’s see how you can improve your ball busting fun.


The Bathroom Sink

Looks start with a simple one. Possibly a technique we’ve all tried. Make your way to the bathroom. Pop your clock out of your pants and shove it over the sink.

Using the bathroom sink technique will work perfectly for those under 5’8”, whilst those who are taller may need to bend their legs.

With this technique, there are two options. First is the wank. To get started, rest your balls over the sink. They need to be dangling into the bowl. Pop on your favourite JOI ballbusting video, and as you strike down back the balls.

Sink ballbusting

The other technique leaves the balls behind and leaves you with a hand free for ballbusting. The Bathroom Sink technique is perfect for watching a virtual sex movie. Hump the sink. This will have your balls smashing against the porcelain.

Top tip: Level up by adding a fleshlight or other masturbator.

Isolate the target

Getting your testicles tied up safely adds to the pleasure. By isolating the balls in this way, it gives you a perfect target every time. Using an elastic band is not advised. You are better to get your hands on something more suitable and certainly easier to manage.

So the idea is to get the balls into a tight package. We could think about separating them so we can isolate the target. Alternatively, consider having them squeezed together. It’s your choice, try both.

There are two options here, the first is the steel cock ring, and the second is the love tie. It is possible to combine them both into a single session. They are both reasonably inexpensive. Steel cock rings cost as little as £9.99 whilst the tie can set you back £8.95. There is also an Electrastim version of the love tie for those of you who like to play with electric stimulation.

Ballbusting Chastity

For an explosive orgasm, some guys add a chastity cage. Wear that for three consecutive days before you settle down for some self ballbusting. Ballbusting chastity play can get you several orgasms. The steel chastity devices are best. There is a standard spiral device for just £38, or you can go one better and get the corkscrew chastity cage that includes a plugin, the Peehole!

Ballbusting Chastity

Corkscrew Ballbusting Chastity Device

Self ballbusting slaps

Paddling the balls is a great way to experience the sensations you desire. Consequently, a soft leather paddle is perfect for this. Many Dominatrix will use the paddle in beating subs balls until they are black and blue. Get your hands on the best leather paddle for just £19.99

Ballbusting Paddle

Ballbusting Paddle

Mixing Pain and pleasure

To get the ultimate experience of having your cock sucked and fucked while you self ballbusting those swollen testicles, get your hands on a masturbator.

For example, the Fleshlight. Pop your cock in there, getting it neatly out of the way and start whipping, paddling or smashing those balls. One of my favourite masturbators is the Riley Reid at just £59.99.

There are plenty of options to consider; take a look at the masturbator’s collection and choose your pleasure.

Some guys like the nipples pinched while self ballbusting. I can understand that it takes away the sensory attention from the balls and can allow you to administer heavier punishment. There is an excellent nipple clamp at just £12.99 if you want to use the right tool for the job.

Toilet seat squeeze

One video I watched had a girl sitting on the toilet seat while the guy placed his balls under the seat. Seeing the toilet seat squeeze in action was super sexy, especially when she leaned forward, squeezing her boobs together. If you feel like replicating this, then isolate those balls. Trust me; they pop out without some isolation. Our cock rings and the love tie work well here too.

Tennis ball machine

Okay, this is a little off the wall but worth a mention. Tennis ball machines are used as training aids both by solo players and by coaches in squash practices. If you can get together the cash and find the supplier, you could rent a tennis machine, tie yourself up in front of it and let it run through its total capacity of tennis balls. On the fastest setting, of course. The cost can outweigh the pain, so to speak. For those looking for technical details, currently, available models have ball capacities of 50-60 balls. Both ball speed range and ball frequencies are adjustable and vary from 30 to 150 km/h and 1.5-12 balls per second, respectively, with the .75-second interval suitable for quick volleys and the 10-second interval for other strokes. These are not cheap items. Looking at Amazon, they are around the 200 mark.

Spreader bars

There is no doubt that the spreader bar is a must-have for those of you that demand full-on ballbusting. Using spreader bars is something you can enjoy solo or with a partner. There are tons of guys who visit escorts who love to bust balls or their favourite Dominatrix and carry a spreader bar with them.

The spreader bar we have comes with cuffs, too, so you can go all out. Seriously worth considering. Take a look and see for yourself. Once applied, the metal spreader bars render the wearer unable to close their wrists or thighs.

Ballbusting Spreader Bar

Ballbusting Spreader Bar

The hairbrush

Okay, this is fairly straightforward. Grab a large hairbrush.  Slap your balls silly. Not much more about this one. You can use the side of the brush or the bristles if you want to imagine spiked boots landing hard on your balls. The challenge here is that you have to continue yourself rather than a hands-free ballbusting. It is simple and easy to accomplish. Have to say, not my favourite but it was worth a mention.

Hammer time

When it comes to extreme CBT, using a hammer is a step up. Choose from a claw or rubber mallet but make sure to take it easy and don’t get carried away. For ballbusting hammer action, the rubber mallet is the best choice. And when you watch the clips on this site, you can see that being put to good use.

What about your cock?

This is a good question. Many of us will simply stroke away while this is happening. However, there are options. The objective here is to achieve the sensation of your cock being stroked by that fantasy figure of yours.

Achieving the perfect stroke can be done in several ways. If you are not using a friction technique such as banging your balls against the sink, you will need to get your hands on some tools.

The DIY option and one of our favourites is the Innocent Juice bottle. Yes, that flavoursome juice has a hole just wide enough to grab many a cock. Hump it!  For those looking for a more permanent, more realistic feel, masturbators are the way forward. Browse the collection of masturbators and choose what’s right for you.

Whatever you decide to do, always play safe.

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